How to install Lantor CondenStop Advanced®?

Save installation time and money

Installing metal roof panels with Lantor CondenStop Advanced® is fast, easy and safe. The layer Lantor CondenStop Advanced® is factory-applied during the roll forming process. This way, you can directly install it over the purlins and save labor and money at the job side. Read on and we’ll tell you all you need to know to make this happen.

How do I install metal roof panels with Lantor Advanced CondenStop®?

Installing a roof with Lantor Advanced CondenStop® on it, doesn’t require different handling. The only difference is that the installation time is significantly less as there is no additional layer such as foil or bubble wrap needed. When installing metal roof panels with Lantor CondenStop Advanced®, it’s important that our product can do its work and that condensation is absorbed properly. With our easy how-to-install steps you get the roof up in no time!

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1. Vertical overlap

To prevent water from going sideways, you place the metal roof panels with an overlap. This overlap is made during the manufacturing process, so you can easily place one panel over the other.

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2. Horizontal Overlap

To avoid wicking at horizontal seams, you apply a sealant or create an overlap of panels.

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3. Overlap at the eave

Eaves enhance the drying process of Lantor Advanced CondenStop® . Where possible, it is important to create sufficient overhang above the gutter.

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4. Additional measure

You can take an additional measure to prevent wicking into the building envelope. This is required when:

  • The building offers little to no ventilation
  • You are installing a roof in a very wet climate
  • You are installing a roof in extremely cold weathers

Spray a layer of transparent waterborne varnish aerosol onto the Lantor CondenStop Advanced®-material in a strip of approximately ± 8 cm (3 inches) wide and parallel to the end lap. This will help you close up the material. This way it can’t absorb or spread any more water, which prevents you from ice forming during cold circumstances.

Lantor CondenStop Advanced®

Fully certified worldwide

Lantor BV is a ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturer of A-brand materials. Lantor CondenStop Advanced® is well tested by the following institutes to guarantee his added value in different industries.

Lantor CondenStop Advanced®
Lantor CondenStop Advanced®
Lantor CondenStop Advanced®
Lantor CondenStop Advanced®
Lantor CondenStop Advanced®

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