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Looking for a condensation solution that truly absorbs all moisture? In every environment, in any corner of your roof regardless of the angle?
We’d like to present to you the best of the best: Lantor CondenStop Advanced®. Thanks to our unique Microsphere technology (see image on the right), you’re guaranteed of no draining and no dripping. Our product is worldwide certified by international research institutions and has proven to absorb 20-60% more moist than our competitors. Discover our market leading quality yourself.

Why Lantor CondenStop Advanced®?

  • 100% drip free
  • Absorbs 20-60% more moist than competitors
  • Extends your roofs lifespan up to 5 years by fighting corrosion
  • 100% impervious to mold growth
  • Fully certified worldwide
  • Over 20 years’ experience with condensation protection
  • Made in Europe
  • Longterm solution: at least 20 years product warrantee

Additional benefits for …

Roll formers

  • Add value to your brand with this unique, high quality product
  • Easy to implement, with a brand new applicator
  • Only supplier with real microsphere technology: really drip free
  • Homogeneous distribution of condensation: really drip free
  • Easy to reach due to your personal Lantor CondenStop-advisor


  • Saves installation time up to 30%
  • Installation possible in all weather conditions
  • No burn-off needed at roof eave
  • Prefab anti-condensation solution
  • Secure installation, reduced risk of injury
  • Fast to apply, saves time and therefore money
  • Check our easy how-to-install steps

End users

  • At least 2 degrees cooler during summertime
  • No more dripping results in happier animals. Happier animals are more productive
  • Reduce sound up to 2.2 decibel with Lantor CondenStop Advanced Anti-Noise®

Protected for at least 20 years with the littlest effort

Are you a (potential) owner of a new roof with Lantor CondenStop Advanced®? Then your building is or about to be protected from condensation, corrosion and mold. To uphold its quality, you of course would like to know how to take good care of metal roof panels, so that Lantor CondenStop Advanced® keeps protecting your building for at least the next 20 years.

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How do I ensure Lantor CondenStop Advanced® quality?

To reinforce Lantor CondenStop Advance® to do its work properly, it is important to ventilate your building at day times. The combination of sunlight radiation on the roof and the ventilation within the building, through the eaves and the ridge cap, allows the internal breathable surface of Lantor CondenStop Advance® to dry completely. It is developed in such a way that the surface will dry during the day, ready for the next condensation cycle during the night times.

How do I make sure Lantor CondenStop Advanced® fabric dries?

Lantor CondenStop Advance® is designed to dry out during the day, after absorbing the condensation. Due to sunlight on the roof, the temperature of the roof starts to rise. The rising of the temperature together with the ventilation, evaporates the condensation. The ventilation of your building is extremely important, also on colder days. The internal surface of Lantor CondenStop Advance® has excellent breathable features, which helps to release the condensation during the day without dripping. If your building is not ventilated properly, Lantor CondenStop Advance® can’t evaporate enough – this way it doesn’t dry out to the point of zero. The moisture content will build op and eventually will exceed the maximum absorption capacity of 1 liter per square meter at 100% RH.

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How do I clean my roof with Lantor CondenStop Advanced®?

Lantor CondenStop Advanced® is a user friendly product that doesn’t need much care to do its job. To clean it, we suggest to use a dry, soft, long-haired brush without applying pressure. Do you have any stains on the roof? Don’t worry, you can gently remove them with a clean cloth and some water. Do not use any chemicals or a high pressure cleaner.

Lantor CondenStop Advanced®

Fully certified worldwide

Lantor BV is a ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturer of A-brand materials. Lantor CondenStop Advanced® is well tested by the following institutes to guarantee his added value in different industries.

Lantor CondenStop Advanced®
Lantor CondenStop Advanced®
Lantor CondenStop Advanced®
Lantor CondenStop Advanced®
Lantor CondenStop Advanced®

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