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Condensation is a big problem in buildings with metal roof plates. The dripping of condensation affects products, machines and mold growth will affect the health of people and animals. Condensation forms when there is a temperature difference between the in- and outside of the metal roof plate. This way, dripping of moisture occur. But there is a way to prevent this. You can produce your metal roof plates in a way to control the dripping. Lantor CondenStop Advanced is the best anti-condensation solution there is. Your costumers will love it, we promise.

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Lantor CondenStop Advanced®
Lantor CondenStop Advanced®

The highest quality condensation solution

The dripping of condensation has a lot of negative side-effects. It is harmful for Livestock & Sheds, Agricultural storage and within Industrial– and Residential buildings. Lantor CondenStop Advanced® is unique because of its unbeaten anti-condensation features. It absorbs 20-60% more moist than our competitors. Thanks to our exclusive Microsphere technology you’re guaranteed of no draining and no dripping. In every environment, in any corner of your roof regardless of the angle.

Lantor CondenStop Advanced® doesn’t just keep it dry

Why you should choose Lantor CondenStop Advanced® as your solution for condensation? Because it is the best there is, and so much more:

  • 100% drip free
  • Absorbs 20-60% more moist than competitors
  • Extends your roofs lifespan up to 5 years by fighting corrosion
  • 100% impervious to mold growth
  • Fully certified worldwide
  • Over 20 years’ experience with condensation protection
  • Made in Europe
  • Longterm solution: at least 20 years product warrantee

Fully certified worldwide

Lantor BV is a ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturer of A-brand materials. Lantor CondenStop Advanced® is well tested by the following institutes to guarantee his added value in different industries.

Lantor CondenStop Advanced®
Lantor CondenStop Advanced®
Lantor CondenStop Advanced®
Lantor CondenStop Advanced®
Lantor CondenStop Advanced®

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Lantor CondenStop Advanced®
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